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Toshiba HHO generator to store electricity as gas in Scotland

TOKYO - Toshiba Corp will generate HHO gas by using solar and wind electricity and store and stably supply it on a trial basis in Scotland.

Toshiba HHO Gas

Toshiba submitted a proposal for “Local Energy Challenge Fund,” for which the Scottish government called for proposals from the public with the aim of promoting the use of renewable energy, with other organizations, and the proposal was adopted. The company will also test the operation of commercial hybrid vehicles powered by hydrogen.

This will be the first time that Toshiba has participated in a proving test related to hydrogen gas outside Japan.

The test will be conducted from April to March 2020 in collaboration with eight organizations including Bright Green Hydrogen Ltd (a nonprofit company that runs HHO gas-related facilities) and the government of Fife, Scotland.

In an area redeveloped in Methil Docks in Fife, the organizations will newly build a 200 kW-output solar power generation system, 60kW- and 250 kW-output water electrolysis equipments, hydrogen tank, hydrogen station and fuel cell system in addition to the existing 750kW wind power generation system and 30kW water electrolysis equipment.

HHO gas is generated by using solar and wind electricity and the water fuel electrolysis equipments as HHO KIT generator. The stored hydrogen gas is then supplied to 25 commercial hybrid vehicles via the hydrogen gas station or reconverted to electricity by using the fuel cell system to supply electricity to the facilities.

Toshiba HHO gas

Toshiba will provide “HHO GAS EMS,” which enables to optimize the production and storage of hydrogen gas based on the prediction of supply and demand of electricity, and control the entire system.

The Scottish government has been actively introducing renewable energy, aiming to increase the ratio of renewable energy-derived electricity to the total power consumption to 100% by 2020.


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  5. Removes the carbon residues inside your engine and prevent future carbon deposits.
  6. Lower noise and vibrations in the engine. HHO Gas effect in the combustion cycle. The engine will sound much quieter than it was before. This is due to higher combustion efficiency in your car.
  7. Increases the lifespan of your engine.
  8. Research on HHO Gas have shown that hydrogen supplemental fuel engines require less fuel and produce less carbon emissions. (View full text)

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Experiments were carried out to evaluate the influence of the addition of HHO gas (hydrogen+oxygen obtained electrochemically from the water) to the air in the intake manifold of a direct injection diesel engine. What research shows is that the addition of HHO gas can improve the combustion efficiency process due to the different combustion properties of HHO Gas in comparison to conventional fuels.

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