HHO KIT 1500 Hydrogen Generator HHO System Celtic Tiger X-Cell

HHO KIT for a Car, MPV, Crossover, Petrol, Diesel engines 125<1500cc. Stainless Steel 316L producing area 1,508 cm² - 26 surface/plate. 

List of parts:

  • 1x Oxy-hydrogen Generator X-CELL; 
  • 1x Water Tank; 
  • 1x Water Level Sensor; 
  • 2x Bubbler/ Filter; 
  • 1x Water Level Sensor; 
  • 2x Mounting by no need to install; 
  • 2x Stainless steel 316L mounting brackets; 
  • 4x Mounting by self-tapping screws; 
  • 4x Optional mounting by heavy duty cable ties; 
  • 1x Automatic power detection Start/Stop Relay; 
  • 2x Battery cables with terminals; 
  • 1x Fuse; 
  • 1x Hose; 
  • 1x Safety valve one way; 
  • 1x Electrolyte. 

Description of Oxy-hydrogen kit: 

  1. Operating voltage 6V-12V-15V; 
  2. Load current 0 to 6А max 12A; 
  3. Electrolyte concentration (KOH) 1% – 14%; 
  4. Optimal cold production HHO gas 0.2 - 0.5 l/m; 
  5. Productivity: 12-30 liters of Brawn’s gas per hour; 
  6. Electrodes – Stainless Steel 316L producing area: 1,508 cm² - 26 surface/plate; 
  7. Operation temperature -25 to +50 °C (degrees Celsius), -13 to +122°F (degrees Fahrenheit). 
Under -25°C / -13°F add 99.9% Isopropylic alcohol as adding antifreeze, DON NOT USE OTHER ALCOHOL FOR HHO X CELL GENERATOR. Isopropyl Alcohol is the accessory for your HHO system to prevent freezing of water. 15-25%, when added per 1L of water, is sufficient to in sub-zero temperatures over the winter to come. Alcohol solvent for fats, resins, paints, inks, etc. isopropanol is ideal for household degreasing and cleaning of natural products. The isopropyl alcohol is best for easy and fast HHO X CELL internal maintenance. 

Stainless Steel 316L producing area 1,508 cm² - 26 surface/plate. 3 smart steps require no installation guarantees fast mounting assembly installation free in few minutes! Restore fuel up to 30%, lower emissions up to 90%, power up to 10%. The advantage of our active Hho engine carbon cleaner machine kits is a possibility of downgrading to the old Hho dry cell generators.

The Hydrogen generator complies with requirements of  EU standards – it is laboratory tested and the conformity assessment procedure is executed according to Directive 2006/95-ЕС of the European Parliament. СЕ 2024 conformity marking is applied to our product. 

All our HHO generators are suitable for old Hho systems with old Hho dry cell generators as a replacement with new benefits like is a new generator, new water tank, new bubbler new mounting for an unbeatable price!!
5 Years warranty - 60 Days money back - 100% Satisfaction
Shipping time is usually 48 hours. Manufacturing time over 25 pieces 4-6 weeks

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