HHO Engine Carbon Cleaner ALIENS Hydrogen Self Powered 100% Free Electricity Generator HHOXCELL Core Inside

ALIENS HYDROGEN Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine with HHOXCELL Cores inside and EXTRA 100% Free Electricity Power Supply for small Garage, Office or House! 
Recommended for petrol diesel engines:
12V DC1500 cc, 12V DC 2000 cc, 12V DC 3000 cc, 12V DC 4000 cc, 12V DC 5000 cc, 12V DC 6000 cc, 12V DC 7000 cc up to 12V DC 8000 cc and 24V DC 8000 cc, 24V DC 9000 cc, 24V DC 10 000 cc, 24V DC 11 000 cc, 24V DC 12 000 cc up to 24V DC 18 000 cc.

Usage: hydrogen fuel cell generator (HHO-generator) suitable for cars, vans, trucks, agriculture and construction equipment powered to 1000cc - 2000cc - 4000cc - 6000cc - 8000cc up to 18 000cc engines.

The Hydrogen Engine complies with requirements of  EU standards – it is laboratory tested and the conformity assessment procedure is executed according to Directive 2006/95-ЕС of the European Parliament. СЕ 2024 conformity marking is applied to our product.

Operating voltage: 10V - 50V
Productivity: up to 300 litres of Brawn’s gas per hour.
Electrolyte freezing temperature: -25 degrees Celsius
Warranty: 36 months (observing all operating conditions)

All Brawn’s gas hydrogen fuel cell generators manufactured by us are based on the HC12/24V Pro Model. The various models of Generators differ from one another in their input signals and sensors for control signals detection.

List of parts of complete set Pre-built:

  • Multi HHO generators HHO X-CELL cores inside - All-In-One
  • Multi Water Tanks - All-In-One
  • Multi Bubblers - All-In-One
  • Multi Filters - All-In-One
  • 2 Battery Cables
  • 1 Hose
  • 1 Flash back Arrestor Heavy Duty
  • 1 Electrolyte

Description of HHO KIT HHO-X-CELL hydrogen 12V DC

  1. Operating voltage  – 10-50V
  2. Load current – 10 to 200A
  3. Operation temperature – 25 to +50 degrees
  4. Electrolyte concentration (KOH) – 1% – 14%
  5. Cold production HHO gas – up to 5 l/m of Brawn’s gas
  6. Overall dimensions ALIENS (mm): 
    H=coming soon, L=coming soon, W=coming soon
  7. Electrodes – Stainless Steel 316L producing area ALIENS 16 208 cm2

The Electrolyser is a device wherein process of electrolyze is conducted via an electrochemical method and so it results in the generation of “Brown’s gas”. The electrolyser casing is made from polypropylene – a material with very good features of resistance to temperature variations, vibrations, loads and aggressive chemical media. It has form of classic accumulator. It consists of casing, top cover, connecting pieces, valve and level gauge.

Electrodes are positioned inside the Electrolyser. Electrolyze is performed with their assist.  The electrodes are made from steel grade 316L. Electrode power supply is provided by means of stainless steel stud pins – А2 (grade 304). For assembly stainless steel washers and nuts are used. For better electric conductivity out of casing, the washers and nuts used for tightening cable shoes of Electrolyser power supply unit, are made from plain steel – galvanized.

Stickers are used to indicate holes and connection pieces purposes. The power supply terminals are designated with + and – signs directly encrusted in casing plastic material. An information sticker about product name and manufacturer information and contacts is  attached to the Electrolyser. English language. 

Level gauge – LM1 

  1. Power supply voltage – 10-50V

The Level gauge is electronic device to indicate the level of electrolyte in the Electrolyser. There are two light indicators – red and green. The green light indicator indicates maximum electrolyte level in the hydrogen fuel cell. If the red light indicator goes on then it is required adding immediately distiller water in the hydrogen fuel cell. In case of both light indicators are off, the level is normal.

CAUTION: Check the level only when the hydrogen fuel cell is supplied (When the car is at the contact and power supply voltage is delivered to hydrogen fuel cell). Otherwise the red indicator will be on and these will be no mean that the level is low but only that no supplying to the Generator.

60 Days money back - 100% Satisfaction - 5 Years warranty

Manufacturing time 10-20 working days

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