100A-150A Peak HHO CCPWM 32bit Cortex processor Constant Current Pulse Width Modulator for HHO generator Undestroyable & Waterproof with LCD AMP + Water Level

100A (150A peak) constant current HHO PWM + digital current meter + automatic relay driver in Waterproof box 

Why buy a Constant Current PWM? 

A true Constant Current PWM will automatically adjust the Pulse Width to the current you set regardless of the load. Hydrogen cells are famous for getting hot and asking for more power than what is safe or desirable for the system. Adding a constant current PWM will prevent this thermal runaway scenario and improve the quality of Hydrogen that your cell is producing. 

Why do not buy an ordinary PWM? 

The ordinary PWMs which made for originally motor speed controlling are not the best solution for the job. Yes, they are cheaper some bucks but they only adjust the duty cycle. Every time when your electrolyte gets warming (after some minutes they are) the electrolyte resistance starts to reducing and your current consumption gets growing. If you have a current meter in the car it is okay you just modify the duty cycle every time. Do not you think you should have a fully automatic system? A fully automatic system where your only task to admiring the landscape. 
Those PWMs have also a large warming that even though they have many transistors. This is because of the bad circuit design. Maybe you are an HHO reseller. Do not you think you may sell a quality PWM? It is not too late to change! 

If you agree with these than you find your PWM! 

You don't need digital clamp meter or shunt to measure the current!

The HHO system installation you adjust the current and leave the PWM forever. If you place  LED (see in the wiring diagram) on your car dashboard, you can get full up to date information about your HHO system.

LED feedback:
- 100% ON System, okay the production is ok.
- Blinking slowly: Low water warning you will need a water refill.
- Blinking fast: Low production or error. You need to check your electrolyte.

To sense the electrolyte level uses a water level switch. 


- Connection on the M6 screws with M6 ring terminals
- 5 seconds turning on delay.
- Constant current regulation with high-speed 32bit Cortex processor.
- Internal potentiometer for adjusting HHO cell current between 0-100A
- Internal potentiometer for adjust the relay switching voltage level (12-15V) or (24-30V)or turn this function OFF.
- Peak current: 150A 
- Working voltage 12V or 24V 
- Current Adjustable from 0 to 100 amps
- Internal digital current meter
- Very small warming (at 50A the temperature is the ambient +15°C)

60 Days money back - 100% Satisfaction - 5 Years warranty

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100A CCPWM for HHO generator with LCD

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