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Run on Water as Fuel! Get up 15% more power! Save fuel up 30% with HHO Fuel cleaning and protecting DPF filter & Catalyst! Pass Emissions Test 0.00% Co2. Buy HHO kit HHO Set HHO generator for car, truck, tractor, boat!

Real NCT Reports

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How To Pass 0.00% Emissions the NCT test in Ireland and France with our HHO KIT Water as Fuel HHO set HHO generator?

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Pass NCT Emissions & DOE testing Smog today with HHO Fuel 0.00% Emissions test NCT Certificate 2016!

NCT Emissions tested car: 16 years old Honda CRV 2.0L petrol:

1. No changes with old catalyst and old lambda sensor!!!

2. No added fuel additive or liquids into fuel and engine oil!!!

3. Only High Quality HHO Fuel Co2 Active Cleaner and Fuel saver HHO KIT Water as Fuel HHO GAS Generator for performance with Basic Fuel Saving 20-40%!

See NCT report with HHO KIT HHO Fuel below

Real NCT Reports Real NCT Reports

See more reports

NCT Test - The National Car Test (DOE test)

(Irish: An tSeirbhís Náisiúnta Tástála Carranna; abbreviated NCT) is a roadworthiness test, which all cars in Ireland must undergo.

What to Do if You Have Failed on Emissions?

If you failed the NCT Emissions test (DOE Emissions test) you should buy a 1 HHO KIT HHO Fuel HHO generator for fix Co2 emissions. Drive your car for 1 to 2 days 100 km and then take a re-test. Most Motorists should pass on the 2nd attempt. Watch video and pictures of NCT Exhaust emission PASS. 

DIAGNOSE – NCT Emissions test (DOE Emissions test) FAILURE (NCT Test, DOE Test - Smog Check failure)


The vehicle has failed an emissions test or the exhaust emissions are too high as measured by an emissions analyser.

USUAL CAUSE smog test (NCT test & DOE Test)

There are numerous components that if not working properly, can cause high emissions or an emissions test CO failure. You should read each of the components description and operation in the emission control system section of the manufacturer’s manual covering your vehicle in order to gain a working knowledge of each system. These systems are designed to reduce the emissions (as set by NCT emissions & DOE emissions standards). If any of these emissions components fail, emissions can increase. Along with these systems, other components such as spark plugs, plug wires, and filters can also increase emissions if defective. Emissions or smog is a generic term used to describe certain harmful gases in the exhaust. Hydrocarbons (HC), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX) are usually measured in an emissions test. The NCT Test certain limits on each of these harmful gases emitted. Carbon Dioxide (Co2) is also measured, but is not considered a harmful gas. When the measured gases from the vehicle exceed the NCT Test limits, the vehicle fails the emissions test.


Diagnosis of high emissions can be an involved process that usually requires special tools and measuring equipment. However, armed with a test report indicating what gases are high can help you determine what systems may not be functional. If the vehicle has failed as a result of high CO and HC, the CO failure should be diagnosed first. If the “Service Engine Soon” or “Check Engine” light is on it should be diagnosed prior to any emissions diagnosis. CO Failure is the result of an excessively rich air fuel mixture. The following is a list of the most common causes:

- Defective Oxygen Sensor

- Inoperative Air Injection System (if equipped)

- Leaking or defective Fuel Injectors

- Restricted air filter (especially if high CO is present only at high RPM)

- Vacuum leaks resulting in improper MAP sensor operation

- Defective air mass or air flow sensor

- Malfunctioning fuel evaporation system or purge valve

- Defective Catalytic Converter

- Defective thermostat (cooling system), thermostat stuck open Oil contaminated with fuel, excessive miles between oil changes

HC Failure is the result of incomplete combustion. Any item that causes incomplete combustion can result in high HC. The most common causes are:

- Worn spark plugs

- Defective spark plug wires

- Worn distributor cap and/or rotor

- Improper ignition timing, usually over advanced

- Vacuum leaks

- Engine mechanical failure, low compression, worn valves, excessive oil consumption

NCT Test NOX Failure is the result of combustion temperatures that are too high. The most common causes are:

- Inoperative Exhaust Gas Recirculation System (EGR)

- Cooling system malfunction, engine running too hot (restricted radiator, defective thermostat, etc.)

- Over advanced ignition timing

- Excessively lean air fuel mixture (defective oxygen sensor, MAP sensor or Air Mass Sensor)


If the engine is due for a tune up it is wise to perform preventative maintenance prior to spending too much time diagnosing the emissions problem. Proper vehicle maintenance can go a long way in keeping a vehicle’s emissions within specifications. A complete tune-up should consist of: spark plugs, ditributor cap and rotor (if equipped), spark plug wires, air filter, fuel filter, and oil change. Although performing this service is no gaurantee of a passed emissions test, it certainly increases the likelyhood of success. If the vehicle has over 60,000 miles on it and has failed for the reason of high CO, installation of a HHO KIT HHO generator might be a prudent investment especially if the vehicle is only equipped with one sensor.


Pass NCT Test & Reduces 90% Co2 emissions High Quality HHO Fuel saving 20-40%. Buy HHO kit Water as Fuel Saver for emissions test now! Available for car, truck, boat. more details

HHO KIT HHO Fuel Saver DPF - CATALYST 0.00% Co2 HHO set HHO gas generator advantages

Reduce your fuel spending real 20% to 40% - this is valid for both highway and town (city) driving conditions.

Increases the power and performance in your car 10% more fuel you burn, the more the engine gets rattled up and wrecked. Once you switch to supplemental HHO KIT Fuel Saver DPF - CATALYST 0.00% Co2 HHO set - HHO gas , it will enhance power and performance in you car.

Reduces the Co2 emissions and NOx emissions 90%- eliminating pollution and other harmful residues that our car engines produce. What´s wrong with doing also something good for the environment besides saving money?

Reduces the temperature in the engine - Also improves engine life-span since its burning fuel at a much cooler state.

Removes the carbon residues inside your engine and prevent future carbon deposits.

Lower noise and vibrations in the engine - HHO KIT Fuel Saver DPF - CATALYST 0.00% Co2 HHO set - HHO gas effect in the combustion cycle. The engine will sound much quieter than it was before. This is due to higher combustion efficiency in your car.

Increases the lifespan of your engine.

Low Prices on Renewable energy Fuel saver HHO system. Fuel Efficiency Guarantee 10% to 50% Increases in the fuel economy, 90% Reduces the Co2 emissions and NOx emissions, +10% Extra more horsepower for sport or towing driving mode! Install HHO KIT Fuel Saver DPF - CATALYST 0.00% Co2 HHO set - HHO gas generator for car, van, SUV, pick-up, truck, tractor, boat, yacht or big ship! 190 countries 2 days shipping DHL, TNT or post courier.

HHO KIT Fuel Saver DPF - CATALYST 0.00% Co2 HHO set is Available for all kind of engines: Cars - Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Equus, FIAT, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Land-Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Ram, Scion, Sprinter, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo  for Trucks - HUMMER, Mack, Kenworth, Ford, GMC, Volvo, Scania, DAF, MAN, Mercedes, Renault, Scania, Volvo, Daf, Man, Iveco, Renault, Massey, New Holland, John Deere, Harvester, Lorry

You Will Also Notice Lower Engine Temperatures, Faster Acceleration, and Best of all, it Does Not Damage Your Car Warranty!

Now there is a system that allows you to reduce the fuel consumption in your car at a very low cost. Simply use your normal fuel mixed with the HHO KIT Fuel Saver DPF - CATALYST 0.00% Co2 HHO set - HHO gas generated in your own car in a process called electrolysis. The HHO KIT Fuel Saver DPF - CATALYST 0.00% Co2 HHO set - HHO gas produced is then directed toward the engines combustion chamber, via the air intake manifold, where it mixes with your usual carbon based fuel (petrol, diesel, lpg) and there both are ignited. This allows your carbon based fuel to burn better increasing the Combustion Efficiency, thus reducing fuel consumption and the amount of pollutants released in the exhaust. HHO KIT Water as Fuel Saver for Co2 Emissions Test HHO sets are simple to use and you will be able to install it in your car without the help of a mechanic.

Researches on HHO KIT Fuel Saver DPF - CATALYST 0.00% Co2 HHO set - HHO gas have shown that HHO KIT Fuel Saver DPF - CATALYST 0.00% Co2 HHO set - HHO gas supplemental fuel engines require less fuel and produce less carbon emissions.

Let Us Find the Best HHO KIT Fuel Saver DPF - CATALYST 0.00% Co2 HHO set For Your Car Or Truck! Our HHO KIT Fuel Saver DPF - CATALYST 0.00% Co2 HHO set - HHO gas System Will INSTANTLY Match You With The Best HHO KIT Fuel Saver DPF - CATALYST 0.00% Co2 HHO set And Tell You Why

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