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18,000cc Engine Carbon Cleaner. Give your car a new life! More power and performance, less fuel consumption a lower carbon emissions. In just one hour operating our machine you will remove all carbon deposits from your engine.


* EGR Valves
* Combustion Chambers
* Exhaust Manifolds
* Turbochargers
* DPF Filters * Catalysts
* Oxygen Lambda Sensors

Only Clean Hydrogen Gas Technology is used for Internal engine carbon cleaning!!!

2 hours cleaning: 12 liters engine;
3 hours cleaning: 18 liters engine

No Aggressive Chemist!! No Aggressive Liquids


Technical data and additional information read more:

Voltage AC (V): 220v

Energy consumption (kW/h): 1,44

HHO Gas Output Max: 280-400L/h

Max. Pressure (kg/cm2): 1,2

Max. Water Consumption (L/h): 0,20

Water refilling: manual
Water Tank Capacity: 22,5 litres

Autonomy: 112,5 hours

Dimensions - L x l x h (mm): 500 x 500 x 900 mm

Weight: 120 kg

Warranty: 24 months

Manufacture: 2-4 weeks for delivery! 


Only Clean Hydrogen Gas Technology is used for Full Engine Carbon Cleaning!!!

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Y Gorilla Internal Engine Carbon Cleaner Machine Car Truck Yacht Petrol Diesel LPG 220V MODEL 2017

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